Guided Dives

in Lanzarote

Spectacular & Adventurous

In the north of Lanzarote we have lots of spectacular and adventurous dive sites ! The diving is really unique and un-spoilt with uncrowded dive sites far away from mass tourism.

Some of the dives are a bit more demanding – for example we have a dive site that involves an exit by rope. Don`t worry it sounds harder than it actually is.

There is a wide range of Diving Packages available both recreational and technical.

Although we have challenging dives packages for experienced divers who want to experience a new kind of adventurous diving, there are also easier dive packages suitable for beginners.


Uncrowded & Unrushed

At Northdiving we keep our groups small (max 6 divers per Instructor or Divemaster for recreational diving and a maximum of 2 for technical guided dives), which makes for uncrowded, unrushed and above all, safe diving.

Our dive guides, instructors and instructor trainer are experienced, friendly and flexible enough to fine-tune your diving needs, ensuring you get the very best out of your dives.

Groups and clubs are very welcome – we have free places and exceptional rates for groups of 10 or more.

Whether you are a novice or have been blowing bubbles for years, Northdiving Lanzarote has a tailor made Diving Package ready for you.

All divers need a “FIT TO DIVE” statement from a physician!

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