Technical Diving

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Our Instructors

All IANTD Technical Diving Courses and guided dives are run either by our IANTD Instructor Trainer Florian “Floh” Herzberg (German & English), or by our IANTD Normoxic Trimix Instructor Cristian “Matador” Ortas (Spanish & English).

Floh’s and Cristian’s credentials can be found here


Floh Herzberg

Floh has been a professional diver since 1997 and was one of Dahab´s first technical divers (still un-bent). WIth Floh you as your instructor you can benefit from more than 17 years of experience in technical diving.

Floh’s primary objectives are creating safe, competent and knowledgeable technical divers and, helping them get the best out of Lanzarote’s technical dive sites.



On technical courses at Northdiving we limit the maximum student to instructor ratio to 2:1.

This ratio we believe, ensures high safety standards and high quality training.


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