Technical Guided Dives

in Lanzarote

Guided Tec Dives

Northdiving Lanzarote offers Technical Guided Dives to 100m with a maximum guide to customer ratio of 2:1.

Here in the north of Lanzarote the underwater geography enables you to reach greater depth very close to the shore.

Many different underwater sceneries offer the beginner and the experienced technical diver a variety of extremely interesting technical dives.


Technical Dives Include

Guide, transport, 2 x 12 litre manifold with air, excluding equipment, Nitrox or Trimix.

The maximum ratio on guided technical dives will be three technical divers to one technical instructor trainer or technical instructor.

All guided dives are run either by our IANTD Instructor Trainer Florian “Floh” Herzberg (German & English), or by our IANTD Normoxic Trimix Instructor Cristian “Matador” Ortas (Spanish & English).



For experienced Technical Divers (if approved by the head of the technical department), we can arrange gases, logistics and surface support.

We are happy to produce and laminate custom-made deco tables and provide you with any support you may need.

Please feel free to contact us to chat over your ideas.



As we have just moved from Dahab / Egypt to Lanzarote, we are still in the process of getting our own Nitrox & Trimix filling station up, running and legalised.

Right now we can arrange Nitrox & Trimix fills from another reliable source.

Please contact us ahead of time, so we can arrange gases and inform you about the costs. An Oxygen and Helium Analyzer is available at the dive center.

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