The Equipment

Northdiving Lanzarote

is fully equipped with –

a well designed equipment washing and storage / drying area

a classroom (equipped with tablets and a flat screen full 3D flat screen TV), and a comfortable sitting area

free Wi-Fi for our guests !

toilet facilities

maps and travel guides for Lanzatore (yes you can borrow them πŸ˜‰ )

and... quite a bit of knowledge about diving and having a great time here in Arrieta!

a super-equipped workshop for equipment servicing

a dry and clean camera setup and recharge area

a stock of PADI & IANTD training materials (English, German & Spanish)

shower (sorry just cold water, as having a hot shower after a dive is not healthy! πŸ˜‰ )

a library of marine life books (yes you can borrow them πŸ˜‰ )

Recreational Dive Equipment

scubapro & Apeks regulators (DIN) for recreational diving

7 mm wetsuits with and without hood

a wide selection of open-heel fins to be used with boots (boots are a must here!)

a wide selection of masks

snorkel sets (fins, mask, snorkel)

weights: 1kg, 2kg, 2.5 kg & some soft lead: 1kg & 3kg

dive computers (DiveRite, UwaTec, Mares, SubGear)

ScubaPro and Seaquest BCDs (some weight integrated)

boots from size 34 to 47

a selection of thin neoprene gloves from XS to XXXL

a selection of LED and HMI torches

dive knives

compasses (Suunto SK7 & SK5)

weight belts with stainless steel buckles - no plastic!

Technical Dive Equipment

(at the moment 2 sets available)

APEKS and ScubaPro regulators (DIN) (some with an up to 2m long hose) for your bottom gas

DiveRite Transpak III with Dive Rite Dual Classic Wing or Dive Rite Nomad Wing (incl mask pocket and crotch strap)

2x12 liter Steel Manifolds (DIN)

ANALOX oxygen sensor

different reels & spools

UwaTec bottom timers (2 of them the 330m version)

HeinrichsWeikamp OSTC2 (6 gases incl. Trimix)

Oxygen clean APEKS regulators (DIN) for your deco gas

9 liter Oxygen Clean Alu stage tanks (DIN) incl stage connection

15 liter steel tanks with twin valve (DIN)

ANALOX helium sensor

several SMBs

DiveRite Nitek Helium Dive Computer (7 gases incl. Trimix)


2 x 5 liter steel tanks (DIN)

10 x 11.1 liter (80cuft) aluminium tanks (DIN)

3 x 15 liter steel tanks with twin valve (2x DIN)

4 x 9 liter oxygen clean aluminium tanks (DIN)

2 x 8 liter Steel tanks (DIN)

12 x 10 liter steel tanks (DIN)

9 x 12 liter steel tanks (DIN)

2 x 2x12 liter steel isolator-manifold (2x DIN)

Obviously we will not ask for an extra charge if someone uses more air (!) and needs a 15 litre tank to make the dive long enough πŸ™‚


Coltri Sub MCH 16 mini Silent compressor 315l/min

safety box made by steel and concrete to fill the tanks in

Nitrox & Trimix on request. – Please inform us early enough about your needs by contacting us at

Underwater Cameras

full HD GoPro Hero 4

pro SONY full HD 3-D camcorder (70m) with a 4500 Lumen light system


Opel Movano (9 seats – suitable for 9 divers) with a separation between equipment and passengers and the possibility to hang your BCD

Peugeot Partner (suitable for 4 divers)


3 Medic First Aid kits (2 portable and one stationary at the dive center – incl. blood pressure tester)

several ropes

defibrillator (for training purpose only)

physician available in Arrieta (Dr. Kunze) – every diver needs a β€œfit to dive β€œ statement & dive insurance

2 Oxygen Units (demand)

DAN Insured

contract with the Hyberbaric Chamber in Arrecife (25min drive)